The Beyond tattoo

I got this one on my calf a few years ago. I traded Tim Biedron exactly one piece of German chocolate cake for it. You can try to make a similar offer, but I’m pretty sure it was a one-shot deal. Much like this little girl’s head, blown away in one shot. This is my favorite scene from The Beyond, mostly because the characters spend the entire first half of the move shooting zombies in the shoulder. Then this pigtailed little girl goes flesh-eater and they blow her brains out, no hesitation.

There are two things I can tell you for sure about having a tattoo of an undead little girl on your calf: 1) People standing behind you waiting to cross the street will say things like “Oh hell no!” and “What the fuck?” 2) Cops will love it. You would think they would follow you home, but in fact, they stand there and ask you what kind of rifle she got shot with and where they can rent the movie.

Anyway, there it is. Fulci lives!

One Response to “The Beyond tattoo”

  1. Dude, I love you.

    Sidenote; I’m getting a zombie pin-up done this week (hopefully, if I can pull some strings) and I shall send thee the results.

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