The Joy of Cooking Humans

I made this cookbook for a class I took called Zombies in Popular Media. If you’d like to read my “artist’s statement” you can, but better than that, you can download the book and print it out yourself.

The Joy of Cooking Humans

I put this on my resume because I think it’s funny and it actually came up in a job interview last week.

“So what’s the Joy of Cooking Humans?”

“Oh, it’s this cook book I wrote. It’s just like, recipes for cooking human flesh.”

“Oh, cool.”

And they hired me so… I’m just saying. I’m a genius.

2 Responses to “The Joy of Cooking Humans”

  1. This reminds me of that old Damon Knight story “To Serve Man”, also adapted into a famous “Twilight Zone” episode.

    Fun idea, shows creative thinking…

  2. Great little cookbook! Very imaginative. By the way, the link to your “artist’s statement” doesn’t work. It appears your Bake and Destroy blog has been deleted 😦

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