Remote Control Zombie

For just under $25 you— yes you— could own and control your very own zombie. He doesn’t eat flesh and he doesn’t stink, but he does stumble around moaning and groaning, which are slightly less disgusting zombie habits if you ask me. See him in action here. Buy him here.

2 Responses to “Remote Control Zombie”

  1. Sparklypinkpetunia Says:

    omg..Ok I figured it out! I F’n LOVE you for posting this…but hate you for all the Zombie stuff I am buying now!! I totally forgot about that site and all the cool stuff I need but don’t!

    2 years ago I had a Zombie Sleepover party for my friends…it was awesome..could not do it last year but I will this year…”Return of the Zombie Sleepover..the REVENGE!!” I have some more cool toys and prizes…

    coffee high..over excited! LOL!

  2. i actually saw one of these today.. at the candy store in my mall… and oohooh was i tempted….

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