Siren: Blood Curse.

Last night, Jeff downloaded the demo for Siren: Blood Curse for PS3. As if the super-enhanced blood, guts, and gore weren’t quite enough – you also get to use a hand sickle as one of your weapons.  And it’s set in Japan, which makes it way more amusing to me.  We didn’t get to see much of it, but there will definitely be more Siren in our near future. He can play. And I can watch. Because I completely suck at video games.

2 Responses to “Siren: Blood Curse.”

  1. That’s how we roll at my house too. I have zero hand/eye coordination. And this game looks sweet.

  2. To add, within group play a healer will feel like the hero of the group or
    mission when saving the tank from that one critical blow.
    There will be quests that really are different from what people have
    played before in MMOs. Check out the video below for an E3 2013 gameplay trailer.

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