Chainsaw Maid

Thanks to Leigh for sharing this YouTube video. I don’t know if there’s anything better on this Earth than claymation intestine-vomiting.

4 Responses to “Chainsaw Maid”

  1. jenn voorhees Says:

    i knew this was going to be good.
    1. it’s called chainsaw maid.
    2. there’s music from twin peaks within the first minute.
    3. he stops to drink coffee.

  2. face down in a pile of your own entrails while your hubby sips his coffee. excellent. i also like that instead of a scream, we just have a high pitched synthesizer note.

  3. SO amazing.. ❤ i love.

  4. whoa!
    that maid needs a raise!
    zombie killer AND playing “companion” to Mr. Coffee…

    wow. that was GREAT!

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