The Walking Dead

I usually prefer to get my zombie fix in movie form. The blood just splatters better on screen than in my imagination, you know? But after reading the incredibly awesome World War Z, I figured it was time to expand my love of zombies to other media. 

A few years ago, a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a zombie comic, The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. Now I find myself heading out to the local comic nerdery every few months to pick up the latest trade paperback  of this super-cool series. The Walking Dead is everything I want in a zombie story. It’s dark, extremely gory, very well drawn, and a bit Romero-esque in it’s plot (you know, the whole “we are becoming the walking dead” psychological stuff). 

The Walking Dead is a weekly comic that has been out since 2003. So if you’re interested in getting aboard this particular zombie train, you have a whole lot of comic buyin’ to do. Or you could do what I do and purchase the trade paperbacks, which contain about six comics each. Comic purists may argue that this isn’t the best way to go, as you will miss out on all the cool color artwork from each individual issue, but hey. The story alone is worth it.  Check out your local comic shop for past issues, or if you have to, the all-mighty Amazon.

2 Responses to “The Walking Dead”

  1. I have the first four and I’m totally behind but I love it! I actually heard about these in my Zombies in Popular Media class!

  2. leighcifer Says:

    Zombies in Popular Media class! Lucky.

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