Craft Time! Is Zombie the New Owl?

I didn’t realize how popular zombies were in the craft world until I started searching around for some fun, zombie-related ways to use my new sewing machine.  I’m not sure I’ve been inspired to sew anything zombie, but check these out:

Cute flapped zombie bag!

I really dig this zombie octopus made from polymer clay. But the Etsy listing is almost a year old, so I don’t know if the artist is still into making zombie octopi.

4 Responses to “Craft Time! Is Zombie the New Owl?”

  1. OMG the title of this made me almost spit tea all over the keyboard. I’m really in love with these sock zombies:

    We mayyy have one in the livingroom.

  2. Becky, those sock zombies are hilarious!

  3. I guess we’ll find out when I venture to Renegade next week end! If I see a bunch of zombie purses and throw rugs we will know they’ve officially replaced owls as a symbol for hipsters.

  4. provokingpuppet Says:

    i have a great shirt etsy, it says “zombies are the new bunnies” so i guess they can take the owls place as well. lol. zombies as a symbol hipster is kinda…ironic, is that the word i am looking for?

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