More Zombie Wearables

As Justin mentioned here, there is certainly no shortage of zombie tees.  While Threadless offers a veritable shit-ton of zombie shirts, I also like to get my fix at Woot Shirt.  The thing about Woot, is while the shirts start out really cheap (Only ten bucks! Printed on American Apparel!), they are also limited edition. So my suggestion is to subscribe to the Woot RSS feed and order as soon as the shirt you like becomes available.

Check out today’s Woot, UpgraDead:

Yeah, as if zombies weren’t scary enough. Now we have to worry about them moving at the speed of a mall security guard? Yikes!

Here’s a former Woot shirt that I rock from time to time, because I’m a pretty, pretty princess.  Zombie Garden:

Another former Woot, Zombeer:

3 Responses to “More Zombie Wearables”

  1. Oh man. Want ’em all. Guess I’ll just take what I can get and order the Segway Zombies as soon as I get home.

  2. Yay! Thanks for this! I love that zombie garden one so I guess I will wait patiently until some equally cool gets made.

  3. I love zombies on Segways. Sorry I’m a bad blog mommy.

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