Zombies do love brains.

I made my usual trip to the post office this morning expecting to pick up a record for Jeff and some junk mail.  But instead, I was surprised by a sweet package from Natalie.  What’s better than a good mail day?  A good zombie mail day.  And today was, indeed, a good zombie mail day.  She sent me this amazing mug made by foldedpigs.

If you, too, need to tell someone how much you care?  What better way than handmade ceramics that tell it how it is – “i love you more than zombies love brains.”  And that’s a lot.

6 Responses to “Zombies do love brains.”

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you like it! Did you see the cockroach cups and the brain bowls?

  2. Aww, cute! I love it!

  3. jenn voorhees Says:

    natalie – oh i do!!
    i did see the cockroach cups and brain bowls. i’m seriously considering replacing all my bowls with brain bowls. and i like the bowls that match this mug also. but i think i’ll have to pass on the roach cups. bugs = yuck.

  4. Haha I own one of those mugs. Best mug ever.

  5. Isn’t is the hottest?! I reeeeally want some of their platters.

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