WWZ Movie Details

 I don’t have a great picture to go with this post, and since I already posted about the book World War Z, you will have to settle for this picture I took of a zombie eating donuts. 

Anyway… I finally convinced my husband Tony “I’d rather rub dirt in my eyes than read a book. Ever.” Slater to read WWZ. And by “read” I mean listen to it on his iPod. Either way, I think he liked it because he set this bit of info my way yesterday.

Ok, so the news is actually form March- but I hadn’t heard any details about the WWZ movie and this gives me hope that it will be 1/8th and dark, creepy and amazing as the book was. 

We also acquired a bunch of new contributors to the blog, which is awesome because I have been really lame about posting lately. If you want to contribute and you’re not as lame as me, e-mail me at NatalieMSlater@gmail.com! Or if you see something we should post about- hit us up!

3 Responses to “WWZ Movie Details”

  1. I cannot WAIT for this movie.

  2. ladynovahb Says:

    Brooks is coming out with an illustration novel which is somewhat based from his first book, The Zombie Survival Guide. Which is great for fans who are waiting for the movie in 2010, the book is named, The Zombie Survival: Recorded Attacks slated for early Spring 2009, check out my blog for more details!!


  3. I love WWZ! It’s my favorite book. I had no idea there was going to be a movie! I’m glad I stumbled across your site. 🙂

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