Send More Paramedics

Normally I’m not a big fan of novelty bands, as the novelty tends to wear off after about 2.5 songs.  But how can I not get behind a zombie band? I mean, lookit ’em!

If you are reading this blog, then you’re probably aware of where Send More Paramedics got their name. If you don’t know, then I highly suggest you put The Return of the Living Dead in your Netflix queue, like, now.

SMP songs are all zombie-themed too, of course. They cover the theme music to The Return of the Living Dead (The Night Has a Thousand Eyes), and they even have a song called Zombie vs Shark.

But how do they sound? Send More Paramedics have a throwback thrash sound that reminds me of my angry youth at Slayer shows.  Sort of.  You can check out some songs on their MySpace page and decide for yourself.  SMP broke up late last year, so don’t expect them to be bringing the zombiecore to your town anytime soon. But they do have several full-length albums you can pick up, if you so desire.

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