Adorable plush zombies

It’s nearly the holiday shopping season, and what better cuddly gift to give your neices and nephews than this lovely piece of work:

Actually, scratch that.  It’s a choking hazard, so don’t get it for any neices and nephews under the age of three.  Why is is a choking hazard?  Because it’s brain comes out.  Also, all of its limbs detach.  Just like a real zombie!  Its torso is even detachable, revealing cute, cuddly intestines inside:

The Dismember-Me Plush Zombie is available from the fine folks at ThinkGeek.

(After the jump, I’ve got a video of this lil’ guy in action!)

2 Responses to “Adorable plush zombies”

  1. leighcifer Says:

    Damn, I just deleted a post of the same thing! Great minds think alike… or geek minds.

  2. I totally want this !!!

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