America’s Next Top Zombie Idol

I love this.  Lots of great little references to zombie movies, all in the guise of yet another crappy VH1 reality show.  I wouldn’t normally expect something this entertaining to come from VH1 but as it turns out, this was written and directed by G4’s resident geek, Blair Butler, so its goodness comes as no surprise.

Above is the first segment of America’s Next Top Zombie Idol, an online-exclusive spoof from 51 Minds, the creators of Charm School, the …Of Love saga and America’s Most Smartest Model. In it, eight reanimated finalists in varying degrees of rabidness and decay are literally dying to win the show’s titular distinction, which would probably be as useful as any reality show title, even if it’s fake (certainly it would look just as good on a resume as America’s Next Top Model). The short episode is intent on dismantling reality show cliches, one drunken contestant at a time, and there’s no coincidence that it arrives with tongue-in-rotted cheek just in time for Halloween.

Note: The “video” above is actually an image linking to VH1 website where you can watch this, and the additional four acts of the series.  WordPress kind of hates letting me embed any videos that aren’t on YouTube (and VodPod worked no miracles for me this time around).

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