More Zombie Comics

As I mentioned in my first post here at Send More Cops, I love the comic series The Walking Dead.  On my most recent trip to the comic shop, I scrounged around for some other zombie comics in hopes of finding something cool. I did this, despite the weirdness of being a 34 year old woman scrounging around in a comic shop.  The things I do for you people!

While I have yet to find a series as amazing both in artistry and in the writing as The Walking Dead, I did find another little gem called Zombie Tales.

So far I’m really digging Zombie Tales. It’s an ongoing series of shorts, each created by different artists and writers. This is great, as I love the variety and different takes on zombies from story to story.  Boom! Studios has volume one one their site you can read for free.  Clicky.

I found another zombie comic called Living with the Dead that I’m not nearly as fond of.

Eh. I dunno. I only read two issues of this one before I had enough. The story is too formula, but with some annoying holes. For instance, I’m not buying the concept of hiding from zombies simply by wearing a face mask that looks like a zombie. Whaa? Sure, they’re dumb, shambling monsters, but don’t you think they can smell you at least? Or catch on when they see you driving around in a car and shooting guns? Dumb.  Living with the Dead reads as though it’s geared towards a younger (as in teen) crowd, so maybe I’m not their target anyway.

One Response to “More Zombie Comics”

  1. I’ve been hearing great things about Zombie Tales. And I still haven’t read The Walking Dead. I’m a bad zombie fan.

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