Kevin Smith Makes a Zombie Movie

Just kidding.  He’s not making a zombie movie.  He’ll probably make a dick-and-fart joke movie next, I’m guessing.

But his new movie, Zack & Miri Make a Porno (which opens tomorrow) does feature Seth Rogen’s chracter (Zack, presumably) sporting a hockey jersey for the Monroeville Zombies.  If you don’t get the reference, you need help with life.

This is kind of old news, and the jersey’s been for sale on Smith’s website for some time now, but since wearing a hockey jersey would make me look like I was a bearded five-year-old, I was waiting for something more practical.  Like a t-shirt.

As if I need more zombie t-shirts.

3 Responses to “Kevin Smith Makes a Zombie Movie”

  1. Leighcifer Says:

    I saw this movie last night, and Tom Savini had a cameo! The Monroeville Mall did not.

  2. Leighcifer Says:

    Er…. I just found out that the mall was, in fact, in this movie. I’m dumb.

  3. jenn voorhees Says:

    we go to monroeville mall all the time.
    no zombies. but they do have mac at their macy’s.

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