Music Video: “Zombie Killer” by Leslie & the Lys

I don’t know exactly how to explain Leslie & the Lys to someone who doesn’t know who they are.  The band’s asthetic is something along the lines of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! A good primer course in all things Leslie Hall (and most folks’ first exposure to her) is the “Gold Pants Lullabye” video.

Well, Leslie has a new album out and to support it, she’s just released this awesome video (featuring Elvira on guest vocals), “Zombie Killer.”

It might be the best thing you’ll see today.

“Shoot them in the brains, if you want to live.”

After the jump, I’ve included the video for the original version of the song (circa 2005).  It might be even more awesome, mostly because it uses footage from Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.  (It also includes the line “Shoot them in the brain, even the little kids” which was cut from the new version.)

Leslie, if you weren’t my hero before, you are now.

One Response to “Music Video: “Zombie Killer” by Leslie & the Lys”

  1. This crazy lady has been in a few Yo Gabba Gabba episodes clad in her gold romper that leaves NOTHING to the imagination. She’s also my friend on myspace. I’m cool.

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