Chicago Zombie Presents: Zombies on Ice!

The good folks over at Chicago Zombie are shooting for a World Record – The most zombies ice skating at one time!

When? Sunday, December 14th (that’s two days after my birthday, but who’s counting?) from 2:30-5:30pm. Where? Millennium Park Ice Rink on Michigan Avenue. Why? Mother fucking zombies on mother fucking ice, that’s why.

Be a part of the senseless horde or just stand there gawking. Either way it’ll be the second time in one year history was made in downtown Chicago. (Woah, politics on SendMoreCops?)

Get the details on their Facebook page!

2 Responses to “Chicago Zombie Presents: Zombies on Ice!”

  1. Leighcifer Says:

    What?! This pretty much sounds like the coolest thing ever.

  2. Kitty Zombie of Zombie Army Productions had a chat with the good folks at and came up with this event.
    Chad Savage of is involved as well.
    This is going to be a CRAZY fun event and I am sure that there will be much fun to be had.
    So if you are in the chicago area on dec 14th, make sure to come on by!
    You can also get updates at and
    You can also check out further events at
    So come out and have some fun!!!

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