Z.E.R.O.: Zombie Emergency Response Operations

FearWerx, a website with possibly the worse name ever, is the purveyor of fine horror-themed goodies.  Yeah, they’ve got Fulci shirts, Troma shirts, coffin-shaped rings.  Nothing you can’t find on any other horror merch website right?  So what makes them so special?

zombiehunterZ.E.R.O.: Zombie Emergency Response Operations gear.  Who doesn’t want a t-shirt that proclaims themselves a zombie hunter?  Or what about a messenger bag?  Are you an off-duty Z.E.R.O. member?  They’ve got stuff for that too (sweatpants!).

One of the cooler items offered is the Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit.  While nothing in it would actually do much to help you survive a zombie outbreak (there is, for instance, no shotgun included), it does contain some stuff that would help warn others about an outbreak.  In case you’re the Good Samaritan type.

Another item that’s very cool and very clever (but might be too dorky to wear, even for me)is the Z.E.R.O. raid jacket.  Yep, it looks just like your typical FBI/DEA style police raid jacket that you’ve seen in every cop movie ever, only this one has the Z.E.R.O. name printed on it.

Check out FearWerx’s entire collection of zombie stuff right here.

Note: I’m gonna try to start working on a Zombie Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide, so if you know of anything you’d like to see included, be sure to let me know.  You can e-mail me at cinefreak7 (at) gmail.

6 Responses to “Z.E.R.O.: Zombie Emergency Response Operations”

  1. where can I get a Z.E.R.O. raid jacket?

  2. All most a year later and still can’t find this jacket.

  3. So……. jacket????

    • Johnny Maniac Says:

      I’ve got one, I was lucky to have gotten mine , just before they stopped making them. People always ask me where I got it from. When I tell them they don’t make them anymore, they always ask if I want to sell my jacket.

  4. Well it’s April again and another year has passed. I am back. Still looking for that same raid jacket. At this piont I am going to get them made up from a local shop . I contacted fearwerx and they wanted a min of 10 at a crazy price. My local shop will make any number for $10. So get a pick from googles image search and then go to a place that does custom decales. After that tell fearwerx they dont know good business sence.

  5. Oh its just me again. The month is ofc April and still no jackets for sale. No worries mine are much better and made from 5.11 tactical jacket base with wonderful reflective lettering. Confuses the hell out of people when me and the friends rush into a place and start frantically start looking around then rush back out. Lmfao. You guy need to step up your game. Zombie stuff is flying off the shelves and everyone is cappitalising on this yet you stuff making them. Lmfao Cheers mates!

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