Custom Zombie Shoes

I commissioned my pal Tony Price to create some custom zombie shoes for me, and they arrived today. They are pretty much the coolest shoes in the whole world.



Want some for yourself?  Well, you can’t have this exact design. Dems mine. But Tony will take any concept you want, and rock it out on a pair of canvas Vans.  Contact Tony and peep a few of his other styles at his Etsy shop here.

4 Responses to “Custom Zombie Shoes”

  1. theundeadblogger Says:

    Very cool!

  2. Now the question is, do you wear them or display them?

    I am working on some chuck Taylors and a skate deck for a friend of mine but he swears he will never use them, which is sweet, but now the world will never see them (out side of a blog post that is)

    WHAT DO YOU DO????????

    the vans look great,

    later days,
    Christopher Zenga

  3. leighcifer Says:

    I wear them! I know that they will eventually wear out, but I’m going to enjoy them while I can.

  4. Sean Cain Says:

    I love those shoes!

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