Zombie Cupcake Keyring

You can always count on MelissaHatesYou for a quality bit of zombie arts and crafts. Whether it’s a zombie Rick Flair painting, a custom zombie portrait of your favorite straight edge wrestling superstar, or this zombie cupcake key chain Melissa has you covered. (And for only $5 this is the cheapest mail order cupcake you’ll find anywhere, undead or not.)

Plus, there’s always something funny packed with your order- be in a Garbage Pail Kid trading card or a note describing the ways in which you suck. Tell her Send More Cops sent you and maybe she won’t spit on your order before shipping it out.

7 Responses to “Zombie Cupcake Keyring”

  1. aaaaaa they’re soooo cool :X hehe love them! 😀
    i want one!!!

  2. That is the awesome.

  3. Leighcifer Says:

    Mmmm…zombie cupcakes…

  4. correction, i will only spit on your wares if you ask me to, otherwise you just get weird junk in your package!! junk and package.. haha

  5. Bake & Destroy Says:

    Correction: You pay extra for spit.

  6. Me & the girlfriend managed to purchase every Necronomicon necklace that Melissahateyou had to offer (I lost my first one, so we decided to buy the rest as backups) and I got a little zombie head keychain as my “surprise”. I wear it hanging from my belt loop at work every day.

  7. i have more necronomicon necklaces if yalls are interested!!! thanks for the props!!!!

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