About the Artwork for Silent Night, Zombie Night…

So about that artwork. Apparently the artwork I posted for the upcoming film Silent Night, Zombie Night is not an official poster for the movie (not that I said it was…), but was actually put together by “a bunch of retards lacking horror news for their sites”.  You can read all about this “Teaser Poster Conspiracy” on the MySpace page of ArsonCuff Entertainment here.  Here’s my favorite part: 

all of the people with nothing better to do have made sure to chime in with shitty comments about our shitty poster. Hopefully in the future when they have nothing better to do they will be watching our movie and eating their shit over the comments they made. Or at least giving the movie a chance and THEN giving us shit about it on the internet! Yay! 

I hope so too, guys, I hope so too. Except for the “eating their shit” part.  

Want to know more about Silent Night, Zombie Night? Here’s an article with writer/director Sean Cain.

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