ZA: Zombies Anonymous


I consider myself a true movie lover. I’m not really a movie snob, even when it comes to zombie movies. I’m willing to put up with the worst  low-budget camera work, sound quality, and goofy melodramatic acting if someone feels they have a good story to tell, especially if the story is clever or funny.  This is why I thoroughly enjoyed Zombies Anonymous.

Zombies Anonymous is not a masterpiece by any means, but the concept is a fresh one for a zombie film.  Much like the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris (that spawned the HBO series True Blood) which tells the story of vampires “coming out of the closet” and co-existing among the living, ZA begins with the dead coming back to life and eventually “living” among the normals.   The ZA zombies have their wits about them, going about their daily lives while the skin rots from their faces.  These mortally challenged folks face discrimination everywhere they turn, simply for being undead.

The title Zombies Anonymous references a support group attended by the main female character, Angela, who was recently shot to death by her abusive boyfriend. Angela and the rest of  the support group sit around eating donuts & coffee (then puking them up, because they’re zombies), and talking about how hard their life is now that they’re dead.  While the zombies try to cope with their new world by eating lots of raw meat from the supermarket and combing undead dating sites for potential mates,  hate groups are sprouting up all over the place.  Angela’s abusive ex gets involved with one of these groups, that is fronted by the most over the top annoying character in the whole movie, The Commandant.

The first half of Zombies Anonymous is cute and clever, even with the bad stage makeup and loads of unanswered questions (why are the zombies cognizant? what is the government doing about this weirdness?), but the story gets increasingly silly and muddled as time goes on.  Soon, there’s a zombie cult leader trying to freebase brains and lots of hard to follow fight scenes.  Zombies vs. zombies, hate groups vs. zombies, living vs. living….. whatever.

Overall, Zombies Anonymous was a decent way to spend a few hours.  I have a feeling that the zombie movie purists will have plenty of reasons to pick on this movie, but ZA kept me mostly entertained.  A worthy addition to any zombie fan’s Netflix queue, I say.

3 Responses to “ZA: Zombies Anonymous”

  1. How funny! I actually put this in my queue two weeks ago!

  2. I’ve never heard of this one. Well, it’s on my Netflix queue now.

  3. You should look into other blogging platforms, wordpress is getting slower and slower these days, I really like the site tho so its worth the wait!!

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