The Cyber-Horror Elite’s Top 20 Foreign Horror Movies!

cemeterymanlI’m a bit late posting this, as the results have been out for nearly a week, but… uh, well I’ve got no excuse really, other than pure laziness.

Once again, B-Sol of The Vault of Horror has graciously asked me to participate in another Best-Of list, along with other members of the “Cyber-Horror Elite”.  First we tackled the Top 50 Horror Films of All Time.  People bitched because more recent films were neglected in favor of other, “classic films.”  So we attempted to remedy the situation with the Top 25 Horror Films of The Modern Era, incorporating films from 1990 and beyond.  So people bitched because the list leaned toward too many American films, neglecting films produced in foreign countries (most of, if not all, of the Cyber-Horror Elite members are American, so this doesn’t come as much of a surprise).

So here we go again, presenting the Top 20 Foreign Horror Films of All Time.  Let the bitching begin.

“Foreign,” in this respect, equals non-American.  There are actually quite a few movies on the list featuring our favorite undead brethren, including Shaun of the Dead, Dead Alive, and Fulci’s Zombi 2 (aka Zombie).  The top-ranked zombie film is Cemetary Man, a movie that I’ve still yet to see*.

I’ll let you click on over to The Vault of Horror to check out the whole list, and after the jump, you can check out my personally-submitted Top 10.

Oh, and be on the look-out for the next outing from the Cyber-Horror Elite:  The Cyber Horror Awards!

My Top 10

  1. Let The Right One In
  2. Dead Alive
  3. The Beyond
  4. The Host
  5. Shaun of the Dead
  6. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
  7. Ringu
  8. The Orphanage
  9. Dog Soldiers
  10. The Devil’s Backbone

My Runners-Up

Opera, Rogue, Audition, Them, Inside, Zombi 2, Frontier(s), Nosferatu, Black Sheep, Suspiria.

*I know, I know.  First I haven’t read World War Z (which is currently being remedied thanks to a care package from our own Leighcifer) and now I haven’t seen Cemetary Man.  Why do I show my face ’round here?

11 Responses to “The Cyber-Horror Elite’s Top 20 Foreign Horror Movies!”

  1. leighcifer Says:

    I love, love love Let the Right One In. I read the book after seeing the film, and I was blown away by it even more. The book has a lot more information that helps fill in those unanswered questions from the movie.

  2. Oh, it’s incredible. I had to see it by less-than-legal means since it never opened here (not that I expected it to), but I’ll still be buying the DVD in March. I haven’t read the book yet, but Rue Morgue did a great article a couple of months ago — when LTROI was the cover story — that spoke about the comparisons between the book and film, so that one’s definitely on my list of must-reads.

  3. themoviereport Says:

    What, no Haute Tension? Sacrilige – dodgy ending aside… that movie kicked all sorts of blood splattered ass.

  4. Well, I can’t speak for the other participants, but I’m not a fan of Haute Tension at all. Oh, it had a lot going for it. But that “dodgy ending” that you mention? It’s bad enough to have ruined everything that you’ve seen for the previous 90 minutes. It is, quite honestly, one of the worst attempts at a “twist” ending that I’ve ever witnessed. And it sucks because, with out that, Haute Tension coulda been a contender.

  5. theundeadblogger Says:

    Do not feel bad about not seeing Cemetery Man. I am always coming across “classic” films that I have not seen. It is the nature of the beast. By the way, Cemetery Man is a great film.

  6. I agree that the ending of Haute Tension was super lame. I still enjoyed the film, but what a horrible way to resolve it. I love 1960s Japanese horror such as Kwaidan.

  7. First time i’ve been to your sight and i gotta say it seems like the writers around here are a bunch of kids. According to that list there is no Mario Bava, no Terence Fisher nor Nobuo Nakagawa. These three directors kids are probably the 3 most important horror directors period.

    I hope you keep watching more horror movies. Maybe then these cheesy lists you make up might be a little more from an educated background.

  8. I cant believe no one has mentioned Martyrs. Great list nonetheless. I wasnt too big on let the right one in. I found it rather slow. I mite peep devils backbone next.

    ps i love battle royale . its not horror i dont think.

  9. Personally I am annoyed.
    Sure you have some good movies on your list such as Let the Right One In and The Host but in my opinion you are missing some very key iconic horror movies which could have easily been added but instead have been wasted due to the inclusion of Australian, British and New Zealand horror movies.
    I am from Australia and I get annoyed when Australian films are added because in my opinion a foreign movie is a movie that is not English!
    So if I were to make a foreign movie list would I be right in adding American horror films?

    Shaun of the Dead is not horror, it is comedy and Rogue sucks, it’s not scary and is just about a bunch of morons who get what’s coming. If you were to add any Australian horror movie to your list it should have been Wolf Creek.

    Sorry but this is my opinion.

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    […]The Cyber-Horror Elite’s Top 20 Foreign Horror Movies! « Send More Cops[…]…

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