Vote for the next Fright Rags design!


So I finally ordered a couple of shirts from Fright Rags, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but never have because (a) I’m usually broke and (b) I’ve been indecisive on which of their great designs to order (I settled on the Tom Atkins/Night of the Creeps one and, naturally, the Zombie vs. Shark one). I’ll be making lots more purchases in the future, because the designs are cheap and awesome, the shipping is fast, and the quality of the product is incredible.  But enough stroking Fright Rags’ ego.

The next great shirt on Fright Rags’ list is going to be a t-shirt featuring my personal favorite zombie, Return of the Living Dead‘s Tarman.

Now, we’re presented an interesting dilemma.  In the image that you see above, Fright Rags is presenting us with two different Tarman designs, the first one based on the original Tarman design from the film, the second one being a new image of Tarman created by Tarman’s original creator (and ROTLD‘s production designer), William Stout.

So which will they print?  Well, Fright Rags is leaving that up to you, in a poll on their blog (where they also explain this process a little more in-depth than I have).

While I think that image B is probably a better illustration, I personally voted for image A because it’s more faithful to the original look of Tarman, and if I’m gonna buy a Tarman shirt, I want it to look like Tarman.

Currently, my point of view is losing in the voting process, so help me out and head over to the Fright Rags blog and vote yourself.

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