Spike’s Top Seven Most Awesome Ways to Kill Zombies

deadaliveSpikeTV has published their list of the Top Seven Most Awesome Ways to Kill Zombies.  The problem with Top Anything lists is that you’re always going to have some fanboy dork arguing as to why your list is wrong.

Allow me to be that dork.

While any list like this is going to be subjective, based on the opinion of whoever is writing it, I’ve got to argue the #1 choice of the She-Bitch chainsaw killing from Army of Darkness.  Not because it’s not awesome, because it is.  And I’ll be the first one to tout the greatness of the Evil Dead films (I wear a Necronomicon necklace every day).  But here’s the problem: those ain’t zombies.  They’re Deadites.  Okay, so maybe technically you could call the Army of Darkness itself a bunch of zombies since they are, really, walking corpses (albeit in skeletal form) but the She-Bitch and the rest of ’em are just demon-posessed peoples.  It still sucks for them though.

So get it right SpikeTV.  Also, how could you run a list like this and not have a single Romero zombie on it?  Romero’s entire career has been based on finding different ways to kill zombies!

Other than that, it’s a really cool article.  And by “article,” I mean it’s just an excuse to show a bunch of videos of people killing zombies in clever ways, with a few words thrown in there for padding.

Click here to see for yourself.

(For the record, my #1 pick would be the lawnmower scene from Dead Alive, which Spike has wisely put in their #2 spot.)

One Response to “Spike’s Top Seven Most Awesome Ways to Kill Zombies”

  1. Leighcifer Says:

    Ha @ Wild Zero making that list. And yeah, I agree with you on Army of Darkness. Not zombies, nope.

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