Art! Zombie’s Love Cupcakes! by melissahatesyou

Send More Cupcakes.

Send More Cupcakes.

We promise that melissahatesyou isn’t paying us anything to continuously plug her stuff here on Send More Cops (although I wouldn’t refuse the offer), but how can I resist posting her stuff when it’s so awesome and zombie-centric?

One of her latest art prints features a hot pink zombie, lovingly gazing at a cupcake.  It is presumably covered in brain-flavored frosting.

I love this and if you don’t buy it, I probably will.

Click here to purchase this print at the dirt cheap price of $16.

And check out after the jump where I’ve got a larger image of this print and I’ve also included an image/link to another of melissahatesyou’s excellent hot pink zombie prints.

Oh, and special thanks to my bride-to-be who sent me this link and who’s awesome because she indulges in and shares my love for both cupcakes and zombies. She also hasn’t updated her blog in like a month.

Mmmm... Cupcakes...


4 Responses to “Art! Zombie’s Love Cupcakes! by melissahatesyou”

  1. Bake & Destroy Says:

    I just received word that one of my Twitter followers is getting some of Melissa’s art tattooed on her thanks to this post!

  2. Oh man, that’s awesome!

  3. thanks yall!! high five !!

  4. Sorry for crushing everyone’s hopes and dreams, but my girlfriend just purchased this, so it’ll be going in MY kitchen, not your’s.

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