T-shirt: “Blind Dead” by Fright Rags

I swear, each new batch of shirts that Fright Rags releases is even better than the last.  They’ve just released three excellent new designs including one based on the uber-creepy Spanish zombie flick, Tombs of the Blind Dead:


How beautiful is that?  You can click here to buy it, along with their other new designs (Frankenhooker and the awesome Exorcist-based design Posessed II, which I just ordered myself) and plenty of other zombie-related t-shirts*.

And if you sign up for Fright Rags’ newsletter, you get 10% off of your first order, so if the shirts themselves weren’t incentive enough, that should entice you.

*Including: two shirts based on Fulci’s Zombie, one of which I’m wearing right now, the other I just ordered also; a Return of the Living Dead one that I’ve also got on the way to me, and a Dead Alive/Braindead one, which will be a part of my next purchase.  Oh yeah, and the hoodies are all super cheap right now too.

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