What is ‘XXXombies’?

xxxombiesI have no idea.  Well, I had no idea.  But when I kept seeing stories about an upcoming film by that name (stories which originated at MTV), I decided I’d do a little bit of research.

But first, I speculated.  I assumed that, with a name like XXXombies, the movie would be some sort of clever combination of zombies and porn.  But wait?  Wasn’t there already a zombie stripper movie?  That seems a little too similar right?1

Wait, there was another zombie stripper movie?  This shit’s getting out of hand.  This is like Deep Impact/Armageddon, Dante’s Peak/Volcano stuff here.  Have we really reached a point where we’ve got competing zombie sex farces?  I mean, we’ve already got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies competing against some abomination called Pride and Predator2.  Do we really need this?

After this wild bit of speculation, I decided that I might want to figure out what XXXombies was actually about.  Turns out, I was basically right:

It’s 1978.  Overnight, the fledgling pornography industry has grown into one of the largest markets in the world. In order to make a dozen films at once, producer Wong Hung Low and actor Jeremy Ronald have gathered the top stars of adult film in a secluded San Fernando Valley hillside home for an intensive week of shoots.

However, when the swollen members of this entourage emerge, they are horrified to discover that a zombie plague has overrun the city of angels. Wong immediately sets out on the greatest money making scheme of all time – rounding up zombie movie stars for use in his flesh films…and more.

Okay, that actually sounds kind of awesome.

The above is the synopsis for the XXXombies comic book — created by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer — which was released by Image Comics as part of their Crawl Space anthology back in 2007.  Which you’ll note was before Zombie Strippers or Zombies, Zombies, Zombies.  And which kind of makes my earlier rant invalid.

Anyway, so yeah.  They apparently making a movie out of the thing.

And I’ll be seeing it.

[synopsis via CBR]

  1. I know, I know.  Strippers and porn stars aren’t exactly the same.  But one is only a nasty drug habit away from the other.
  2. I only assume that this is an abomination sight-unseen because the titular predator is not, in fact, the Predator.

    And also…


    4 Responses to “What is ‘XXXombies’?”

    1. candice Says:

      that comic snippet up there is pure hilarity.

    2. read this mini series! you will not be disappointed. It was one of my favorite zombie comics to come out in 2007-2008. I’d love to see this made into a movie!!

    3. I want to! A trade was apparently released back in February but it seems to be pretty elusive. Anyone know where I can find it?

    4. Bake & Destroy Says:

      I always think I want to see stuff about zombies doing it, and then I see zombies doing it and I remember that that’s gross.

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