Fango Con Zombie Walk to set World Record?

So Cal Zombie WalkThe upcoming Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention is going to be host to what may very well be the world’s largest ever zombie walk.  If you’re unaware of what a zombie walk is, then allow me to introduce you to Wikipedia.  Hey, welcome to the internet!

The Southern California Zombie Walk will take place on April 18th at 9:00am on the sidewalks surrounding the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Staples Center.  They’re trying to set a world record with this one, so if you’re in the area, you should go.  I promise you that any other plans that you may have already made for that weekend are not going to be as fun as walking around downtown L.A. with thousands of zombie friends.

Oh, and not to mention that in addition to collecting the brains that they require for sustenance, the zombies will also be collecting and donating canned goods for the local food bank, as well as sponsoring a blood drive.  Charitable zombies.  Whodathunkit?

You can find more info at

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