Movie Trailer: ‘Pontypool’

The premise for Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool fascinates me.  Sure, I guess you could argue that it’s not technically a zombie movie, since the protagonists are infected, and not actually undead.  But by that same argument, 28 Days Later isn’t a zombie movie, and if you just dismissed it like that, you’d be missing some pretty awesome filmmaking.

I’ve been reading/hearing about Pontypool for a while now, mostly due to the coverage that it’s been given by Rue Morgue and Rue Morge Radio.  It’s probably got a lot to do with the film’s independent Canadian origins (RM, for those not in the know, is a Canadian publication, and they’re very proud of it and support their fellow Canucks).

Here’s that fascinating premise I was mentioning:

Set in a radio station in Pontypool, Canada, where the morning team starts taking reports of extreme, bloody incidents of violence occurring in town. As the story unfolds, the radio staff soon realizes the violence that is ripping society apart is due to a virus being spread through the English language. That in turn poses a problem for a yappy radio jock and his staff holed up in the broadcast booth housed in the basement of the town’s abandoned church as a slaughter rages beyond its walls.

What that synopsis (courtesy of Wikipedia) doesn’t mention is that the parts of the English language that contain the virus are terms of endearment, which steps the entire high-concept premise up another notch.

The film is based on the book Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess and is planned to be the first in a trilogy (to complete the adaptation of the book).  Before becoming a film, the story was planned to be adapted as a radio play, hence the setting.

Color me interested.  When do we get a US release?

2 Responses to “Movie Trailer: ‘Pontypool’”

  1. From what I understand, IFC has US distribution rights to Pontypool and is releasing the film first in New York and Los Angeles on May 29th. After that, it will be have an American select cities theatrical release. By or starting on May 27th, the film will also be available in the US via movies-on-demand.

    If you’re curious, you can check out my review of Pontypool here:

  2. Yeah, it will be being released on demand, as will Dead Snow. Check it out:

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