Toys: Tarman, Bub, & Dr. Tongue action figures from Amoktime

tarman-2Personally, I’ve already got more movie-themed actions figures than I have room for, but when your favorite zombie of all time is immortalized in plastic form, how can I resist?

Amoktime is a great resource for all things geek-related and they’ve just made available for pre-order action figures of three of the world’s most famous movie zombies.

First up, is my personal favorite, Tarman star of the film from which we take our name, Return of the Living Dead (pictured to the right, duh).  Isn’t that just a work of art?  Wouldn’t you love to have that sitting on your mantle for when you have the grandkids over one day?  This is family heirloom stuff here, y’all.  And, like all good zombie toys should, it has an articulated jaw for maximum brain-biting action.  And it can be yours for a mere $17.99.

Check out the other two after the jump.

Here’s another, full shot of Tarman:


Also available are two of Romero’s more famous zombies, ironically from the least popular (but possibly best) of his original zombie trilogy, Day of the Dead.

First up, Bub:

bubBub, who may be the best — definitely the most sympathetic — character ever written by Uncle Georgie, is available as a super-deluxe 12″ figure.  He’s a little pricier at $59.99 but sometimes you’ve gotta pay for quality.

And last but not least is a zombie who never gets the recognition that he deserves, but is memorable to anyone who’s  ever seen Day.  He is Dr. Tongue and he’s probably the best creation to ever come from the mind (and hands) of Tom Savini.  He doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time during the movie, but he does have the distinction of being on screen when the film’s title card comes up.

drtongueDr. Tongue is also available for pre-order for $17.99.

5 Responses to “Toys: Tarman, Bub, & Dr. Tongue action figures from Amoktime”

  1. Looks like we both posted this news on the same day.

    I so look forward to the Tarman figure although it looks like he won’t have much articulation. If he looks even half as good as that prototype he’ll be beautiful.

    I have Amoktime’s 7inch scale Bub. A good figure, although the likeness on the 12 inch one is much closer to the film.

    Originally, the Doctor Tongue figure was going to have fabric hair, and I was really disappointed when they couldn’t get it to work.

  2. Nice! I’m not too worried about Tarman’s articulation (or lack thereof) since I’d only be displaying it and not, ya know, playing with it (though I may be tempted).

    Love your blog, btw. Great stuff.

  3. No playing?! I can’t be the only one who marches his zombie toys across the living room carpet, can I?

  4. I am super-stoked about the release of these figures. Cannot wait for their release. I just wish they would release one of “Trash” from ROTLD as well…maybe a set of the whole cast….with a graveyard environment…now thats an idea! ;P

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