‘Zombie Trick or Treat’ art print.


My pal Miss Destructo posted a link on Twitter earlier to a great website called Monster By Mail.  The concept of the website is pretty great, and stupefyingly simple:

Looking for a unique gift for that special someone? Why not get them original monster art from Monster By Mail! Here’s how it works. You give me a name for your monster and I’ll draw it. You’ll get the original art in the mail within a few days. For an extra ten spot, I’ll make a video of the creation of your monster. Nothing says “I care for you” like a personalized monster, creature or spook from Monster By Mail!

You’ll have to check out the website itself for a big sampling of the artwork, but as you can see in the above print, his style is pretty eye-popping.  That print, by the way, is the official Halloween 2008 print as chosen by Monster By Mail customers, and it can be purchaesd on Etsy for $35.

Unlike the custom prints (which is on 4×6″ cardstock), this limited edition print is on 12×18 soft canvas.

Is anyone else thinking that this guy could create a pretty amazing mascot/logo for Send More Cops?

4 Responses to “‘Zombie Trick or Treat’ art print.”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I hope to get one of these made soon for Miss Destructo! He has a new series of Super Villians.

    You’ve got a soild blog going on here, I would love to see you hit up some more conventions next year like Screamfest in Orlando. I think it would be great for promoting the site! 🙂

    Do you ever have a post that doesn’t rock?

    -Miss Destructo

    • Thanks! I can’t take all the credit though. We’ve got some other awesome contributors (Natalie, our blog mommy, for instance found that amazing jewelry on our previous post).

      I really would like to head to some cool horror conventions. I’ve never really had a chance to go to any, since the closest thing we have around here is Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and while it’s got some horror stuff, it’s more sci-fi/fantasy oriented. But Orlando’s not a ridiculous drive, so maybe something like Screamfest is something I could work out (it’s definitely more practical than the big conventions in L.A. or Philadelphia, which aren’t so practical).

  2. They just posted the guest list for this year’s Spooky Horror Con in Orlando. Totally going. It’s about $99 dollars a night for hotel, the resort is awesome and the nightly pool parties are to die for.

    Did I mention they have a Zombie walk???


    • That link didn’t work for me but I did find THIS: http://www.spookyempire.com/

      I assume that’s it. If so… HOLY CRAP GEORGE ROMERO IS GOING TO BE THERE.

      Unfortunately, it takes place one week before my wedding, so I’m not sure that a weekend trip to Orlando would be wise. But who knows?

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