May is Zombie Awareness Month

ZombieAwarenessWell, I might be a bit behind on this since we’re now eleven days into the month, but I think that it’s still early enough — and important enough — to warrant a mention.

May is Zombie Awareness Month, according to the Zombie Research Society.

So do your part: Wear your gray ribbon, and do your part to raise the awareness of the upcoming zombie epidemic.  You can find out more about Zombie Awareness Month here.

The Advisory Board of the Zombie Research Society includes such Send More Cops associates as Scott Kenemore (The Zen of Zombie), Jonathan Maberry (Zombie CSU) and Ryan Mecum (Zombie Haiku), among other zombie experts.

6 Responses to “May is Zombie Awareness Month”

  1. […] found this out courtesy of Send More Cops…. May is Zombie Awareness […]

  2. Alexandra R. Says:

    Maybe we need a fool proof Zplan?!

  3. Nick Beauman Says:

    Oh crap thats cominig up soon.. i really gota get a shotgun.. what type do you think i should get?…oh and just in case i run out of ammo what should i do?…. btw you can buy tanks on this websit… .. i have one being delivered to my house next week… 🙂

  4. Avocet Says:

    Speaking of zombies, have you seen the Graaaagh! Web site?

  5. This is invaluable information that needs to be made more available. Here it is July, and I’m engaging in self-loathing for not having done my part. Ah, well. Next year!

  6. Peter Allen Says:

    We are aware and prepared… 😉

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