Short Cuts

twilightofthedeadposterI’m gonna try something new here.  In addition to all of the great zombie content that we provide you here on Send More Cops, there is a lot of stuff that I find that you, as a zombie enthusiast, might be interested in.  Sometimes, however, it’s tough to write an entire article (however short) about some of the things I find hangin’ out on the internets.

A lot of this stuff I’ve been posting on Send More Cops’ Facebook page, so if you go become a fan, you’ll get a sneak preview of many of the items I’m going to be posting here.

So let’s try this.  Once a week (or however long it takes me to come up with enough content to fill up an article), I plan to bring you this series of short cuts, a selection of cool zombie stuff that I’ve found that I think you might dig, but that might not necessarily make it into their own articles.  This first time might be a bit longer than some future versions of this, simply because I’ve got some catchin’ up to do.  Here goes nothin’…

The Zed Word has created the great Twilight of the Dead image used above.  I love the tagline: “He loves her for her brains.”  (Also, I can’t believe I just used the words “great” and “Twilight” in the same sentence.)

Lots more after the jump.

Over at the mental_floss blog (which if you’re not reading, you’re not becoming as smart as I am), Miss Cellania has written an article on animals with frighteningly zombie-like capabilities.

This one’s old but I’d kind of old but I’d forgotten about it ’til checking my bookmarks just now: Paul Dailing writes an article at HuffPo called “Journalism versus the Zombies.” It’s for you to decide if it’s satire or not.

This one is reeeaaally old (November 2008) but it’s written by Simon Pegg who’s practically a god around these parts.  Plus, it’s Simon Peg talking about the UK zombie show Dead Set (which still hasn’t been released in the States) and why zombies shouldn’t run.

If we’ve got any SMCers out in the Portland area (Oregon, not Maine), I’ve got good news for you: Zompire: The Undead Film Festival is coming your way May 15-17. Movies being shown include Day of the Dead and Cemetary Man.

I’m not sure what these are used for (unless for some twisted reason, you have a life goal of choking a small child) but they sure are cute.  In a flesh-eating sort of way.

Cool Material has released a guide to Essential Gear to Survive a Zombie Attack.  Which is, ya know, helpful.

And finally, here’s a really cool zombie make-up test that’s supposedly video footage shot by Tom Savini during pre-production on Day of the Dead.  (You’ll notice a very Bub-like quality to the features.)  Story is that the video was stolen from Savini when he lent it out to be used for some DVD special features.

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  1. Glad you liked my Twilight zombie mashup poster!

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