‘Dead Legends’ art prints by Nik Scarlett


The above print, awesomely titled “Bloody Holly” is one of a four-piece series by illustrator Nik Scarlett that’s currently up for sale on Etsy.

If ever there was a piece of art custom made to my tastes — the set also includes “Hellvis,” “Johnny Crash” and “Hank Killed’em” — this is it.  If things keep going like this, my entire house is going to be nothing but a bunch of hand-made works of zombie art.

And I’m kind of okay with that.

Check out the post at Etsy to see the other three prints in the series, where you can purchase the entire set for 8×10 prints for $50.  Or check out Nik’s shop where you can purchase the Dead Legends separately and in a variety of sizes — not to mention Nik’s other zombie-friendly art (including the zombie pet portraits that we featured in our 2008 holiday guide).

One Response to “‘Dead Legends’ art prints by Nik Scarlett”

  1. Oooh, I love the Johnny Cash one. Er, I mean Johnny Crash.

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