‘Night of the Living Dead’ art by Munk One

NOTLDM1Must. Have.

I am ridiculously in love with this new art print from illustrator Munk One.  I want to buy two of ’em, just so I could put one in storage in case my house were to ever burn down.

But I’m also poor and getting wedded in 5 months.  So, ya know, priorities.

But seriously, look at that amazing poster.  Not only is it an image of one of the most iconic moments in the most iconic zombie movie of all time, but it’s a gorgeous piece of artwork to boot.

It’s a limited edition of 200 (with the first 100 available right now) and each 9×24″ screenprinted poster is numbered and signed by the artist.  It can be your’s for $40 at Munk One’s shop.

According to the news section of Munk’s shop,”this design is part of a future release of official NOTLD designs from Fright-rags.com.”  That gets me excited for a couple of different reasons: 1) This will eventually be a t-shirt that I can wear and 2) Fright Rags has official Night of the Living Dead designs on the way (notice that “designs” is plural).  Why haven’t we heard about this yet, Ben?!  When oh when will we be seeing these designs?

Also, if you scroll on down in Munk One’s shop, you might notice this:


That’s right, y’all.  It’s Pac and Biggie zombies.  And you can own ’em for $60.  Amazing.

2 Responses to “‘Night of the Living Dead’ art by Munk One”

  1. leighcifer Says:

    The NOTLD poster is a nice one, for sure. Great colors. I would wear a shirt of that.

  2. katlego morotolo Says:

    Night of the living dead!!!
    Hmmm sounds horrifyin, so why don’t u make it a movie once

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