Teaser: ‘[REC] 2’

I still haven’t seen [REC] (mostly because it still hasn’t been released on DVD in the U.S., although that will be remedied in July).  I have however seen Quarantine, it’s English-language remake, and while I’m usually totally against remaking a movie for the sole purpose of satisfying American audiences who are afraid of subtitles, I thought Quarantine kicked a lot of zombie ass.  Some folks have gone so far as to say that Quarantine actually improved upon the Spanish original in some aspects.

But anyway, the original is apparently really good, so they’re making a sequel to it.  They’ve cleverly called this sequel [REC] 2.

3 Responses to “Teaser: ‘[REC] 2’”

  1. [REC] is available in R1 format through Amazon Canada. I got my copy there awhile back for less than $20 US dollars: http://tinyurl.com/q7skb8.

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