Zombie Mighty Mugg by Stan Sykes

I was going to save this for another edition of Short Cuts, but it’s too awesome to wait.  First of all, full disclaimer: I am addicted to Mighty Muggs.  I’ve got like 27 Star Wars ones and I show no signs of stopping.

Anyways, Stan Sykes, a Rhode Island-based artist, creates custom Mighty Muggs of his friends.  I wish I had friends like that.  When he ran out of friends, it seems that he turned to pop culture and started creating stuff like this:

MightyMugg5Sadly, the zombie Mugg isn’t for sale but maybe we’ll get lucky and Hasbro will catch wind of it and we’ll get an entire series of Dawn of the Dead-inspired Mighty Muggs.  (I won’t be holding my breath.)

Check out Stan’s website to see some of his other Muggs (including an amazing Clint Eastwood that I’d just about kill to own).  And keep in mind that Stan also does commissions…

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