Short Cuts

pontyfinalsmallWelcome to another edition of Short Cuts, a listing of a bunch of crap that couldn’t fit anywhere else on the site.

Over there to the left, you’ll see the poster for Pontypool, a flick that I’ve talked about quite a few times in the last couple of months.  That poster was released as an exclusive first look at, where you can also find a great interview with director Bruce McDonald.  (It’s also one that we posted on our Facebook page a few days ago, so if you’re a fan of SMC on Facebook, you may have already seen this.)

Speaking of Pontypool, it looks like McDonald is going to get to continue on his planned trilogy.  Twitch Film has word out of Cannes that McDonald is planning on shooting the sequel Pontypool Changes in early 2010.  Click on over to Twitch to read the full press release.  (And remember, Pontypool is released by IFC In Theaters onDemand on May 29th, but if you can’t see it that way, the DVD will be released on July 21st.)

Every zombie blog that exists has reported this story.  I’d like to pat my own back and say that I first heard about it back on May 11th when it was first reported (which I did) but I’m also apparently stupid for not having posted anything about it until now.  Anyways, there are some gawd dang zombie ants running around in Texas.  (Luckily, not these ants or we’d really be screwed.)

[Lots more after the jump.]

B-Sol at The Vault of Horror has written a great retro review of Zombi 2.

Another SMC friend, Scott Kenemore has made a list of his personal top 10 favorite zombie movies.

Abuzeedo has a post collecting a bunch of great zombie artwork.  This one, from Flickr user Midnight-digital, is my fave:


If you’re in the Chicago area (ahem!), you should check out Retro Zombie Tiki Terror tonight at 6pm!

Holy crap.  I think L.A. Weekly must be celebrating Zombie Awareness Month.  They’ve posted not one, not two, but three zombie-related articles.  All of which are well-worth reading.

Everyday Decay is a really cool web comic by Derrick Ravey about a couple trying to survive day-to-day life in a zombie-infested world.  I recommend starting it from the beginning.

This zombie kid likes turtles:

Remember mental_floss‘s list of zombie animals that I linked to here last week?  Well, it was pretty popular so they’re back with a list of 7 more zombie animals.

There’s a game called Zombie Mayhem up at that’s highly addictive and simple enough that even a zombie could probably play it.  Which would be perverse since the game consists of pretty much nothing but shooting zombies in the head with a bow-and-arrow.

And finally, here’s an awesome video of a kid getting attacked by zombies.  This kid needs and Oscar, even if he is reading his lines from an (obviously visible) piece of paper. [Found via The Zed Word]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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