‘The Walking Dead: Compendium One’

walking_deadI’ll admit that, while I’m pretty well-versed in zombie pop culture, there are a few holes here and there in my knowledge of things undead.  While I’ve seen most of the zombie movies that are deemed “important” (with the still-embarassing exception of Cemetary Man), when it comes to other media — books, comics, video games — there are some things I’ve missed.  I mean, the market seems to be so saturated with zed heads these days, that who can keep up?  But… I’m making excuses for myself.

Until recently, I hadn’t read Max Brooks’ brilliant World War Z (a problem that was remedied by our own Leighcifer; and I loved it, Leigh!) and somehow I got on the Walking Dead kick reeeaaaally late in the game.

How late?  Last weekend.

Last Saturday while killing some time in Barnes & Noble, I picked up the first volume of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series and decided, hey, why not?  That volume collected the first six issues of the series, and I devoured it immediately, and was left wanting more. (I’d have gone back for Volume 2, but B&N didn’t have it in stock and by this time the comic stores had closed).

Luckily, before I was able to hunt down the other volumes (each trade paperback sells for $9.99 each), I found out that something else had been released.  Something I’d wish I’d discovered, ya know, before I bought Volume 1.

The Walking Dead: Compendium One.  While the previous volumes collected a mere six issues apiece, this new compendium collects the first 48 issues of the series!  For those not good with math, that’s eight volumes of the trades, which would carry and $80 price tag.

But this compendium — which clocks in at a whopping 1088 pages! — retails for only $60, but it’s selling for the ridiculous price of $37.79 on Amazon right now.

My only cavaet is that the book isn’t available in hardback, since I question the duability of a 1000+ page paperback, but there’s no way we’d get it at this kind of price in hardcover, so let’s take what we can get, huh?

* * * * *

Note: If you click that Amazon link, you’ll notice that it takes you to the Send More Cops store.  This is something I’ve been working on and it’s still somewhat a work in progress.  I’m looking to get some sort of graphic made for the front page here to serve as a link (since WordPress won’t let me embed the flash-based widget that Amazon offers) so if you’re interested in helping out, let me know.

3 Responses to “‘The Walking Dead: Compendium One’”

  1. Oooh, I’m glad you started on The Walking Dead. It’s really an essential part of a zombie-lover’s collection. Ans so beautifully illustrated!

  2. Wow! That is a good deal. I read the first few trades of Walking Dead but stopped after what I felt was some misogynistic narrative structuring that I was unimpressed with despite all the zombie goodness.

    I recently have a stack of borrowed trades so I could go back and reassess my initial reaction. Haven’t gotten to that yet, but that compendium might be worth getting so my friend can get his damn books back.

  3. Thanks for the info. Being a fan of all things zombie since my childhood, I too suffer from moments of shame when I realize I have only scratched the undead surface of the world of zombies. I have not read “The Walking Dead” (although I have seen “Cemetery Man”), but I heard many good things about it. Buying the first volume of the trade then discovering a larger collection at a better price is the sort of thing which happens to me often, maybe it’s our names.

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