Japanese wrestling & zombie mermaids. ‘Nuff said.

oh-my-zombie-mermaid-eastern-starLeave it up to the Japanese.  In 2004, directors Naoki Kudo and Terri Ito, along with screenwriter Izo Hashimoto (who, oddly enough , wrote the screenplay to Akira) introduced to the world a film by the name of Oh! My Zombie Mermaid.

Now, if the title alone weren’t enough to entice you (in which case, you’re probably on the wrong website), then maybe the fact that the plot revolves around the world of Japanese wrestling will.  Here’s the official synopsis:

Kouta (Shinya Hashimoto), the leader of a pro-wrestling organization called “Zero”, is planning an over-the-top housewarming at his new mansion. The not-so-lucky attendees include his sister Nami (Sonim), TV producer Yamaji (Shiro Sano), and jealous party-crashing rival Ichijoh (Nicolas Pettas). Of course Ichijoh’s appearance ignites an epic battle which all but destroys the entire place. Kouta’s wife, Asami (Urara Awata), manages to escape the melee, but not before sustaining injuries which require medical attention. Unfortunately, Asami contracts a mysterious disease. Meanwhile, the ratings-obsessed Yamaji concocts a plan to broadcast the most epic wrestling battle ever conceived.

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and assume that the “mysterious disease” that’s mentioned is somehow related to zombies and/or mermaids.

Until now, the film has only been available to view for Western audiences via bootlegs or imported DVDs for those fortunate enough to have multi-region players.  But luckily for us, the film will be released here on DVD on July 28th.  And guess what?  You can pre-order it at the Send More Cops store!

Check out the trailer for Oh! My Mermaid Zombie after the jump.

[via Nippon Cinema, where you can check out the specs for the DVD and also view a different version of the trailer.]

One Response to “Japanese wrestling & zombie mermaids. ‘Nuff said.”

  1. Dude… this looks awesome.

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