Remote Control Zombie oil painting? Check.

remotezombiepaintingYou may remember waaaaaay back in August, we brought you a short post about a remote control zombie that was being made available by Entertainment Earth (for all your nerdy needs!).

Well, now Entertainment Earth has done the unthinkable.  They’ve immortalized the remote control zombie in an oil painting.  And thrown in the Space Needle in the background to boot!  (No, I don’t know why either.)

Walls looking a little bare? Looking to add some “life” to your room? Well, this is just what you need! This Zombie Oil Painting is set in a gold-colored frame that measures 11-inches wide x 13-inches tall. The model for this work of art? None other than a zombie – haunting the city of Seattle, judging by the Space Needle in the background. And look out for that full moon! Order your creepy work of art today!

This work of art is available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth now (it’s set to ship in July) for $32.99.  Buy it here.

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