Music Video: “Re: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton

Fair warning: This song will get stuck in your head.

I’ve been a big fan of Jonathan Coulton‘s for a while now.  I mean, anyone can write a song about zombies, but who can write one as witty and fun and catchy as this one?  This guy’s a geek’s geek.  A former computer programmer, Coulton has made a career as a musician without the help of any sort of record label — he just does it all himself, right here on the internet.  And then he goes and writes songs about zombies, Snakes On A Plane and Flickr.

You can watch a couple of other versions of this video on YouTube, including the infamous World of Warcraft video and a live performance.  I found this video (from Dragon•Con TV) via Zombie Command.

Be sure to check out Jonathan’s official website where you can read more about his music, and purchase his songs for a buck apiece.  (Oh, and he’s also got an “Re: Your Brains” t-shirt.  Because lord knows I need more t-shirts.)

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