Short Cuts

zombieheadfuckup-453x600The Unclean is featuring 7 works of zombie art. (NSFW ads at the site.)

Whoa, best mom ever?  This lady threw her kid a zombie-themed birthday party.  The article mentions several Etsy sellers that she used to get zombie goods (including something called Bake & Destroy).

Speaking of Etsy, Sacred Flesh offers some cool zombie jewelry, if you’re into hanging corpses from your ears.

Um, Michael Jackson is really cashing in on this “Thriller” thing. A while back, I mentioned a Broadway show based on the song (awesome) and now it looks like Jacko is planning on opening a zombie-theme “Thriller” casino.  Which is pretty much the greatest news ever.

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Man, Chicago gets all the cool zombie stuff.  On June 20th, Horror Society is throwing a zombie disco.

The Daily Zombie is pretty much exactly what it says it is: a zombie a day, every day.  And it’s (mostly) all from artist and blog-owner Byron Rempel.

io9 asks the age old question: “Can Zombies Be Sexy?

The Edinburgh Film Festival in, um, Edinburgh is going to be the home of the world premiere of filmmaker Ryan Denmark’s Romeo and Juliet vs. The Living Dead.

Have no fear, Boston.  Your police department will be sure to inform you of any impending zombie attacks.

Some dude in Seattle got arrested because his zombie costume was just too awesome.

From Flickr user Zyonsis:

We’ve featured some cool stuff from ThinkGeek before, and they never let us down.  What’s better than a brain-shaped gelatin mold?  A crawling zombie torso-shaped gelatin mold, that’s what.

Ever wonder “How Zombies Work”?  Thanks to How Stuff Works, now ya know.

Earlier today, I featured the new trailer for Left 4 Dead 2.  While the L4D series seems to be a new watermark for zombie video games, they’ve been around forever, and it’s been more than just Resident Evil.  Cinema Blend takes a look at the history of zombies in video games.

God loves zombies:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Dude…thanks for the link! Love your site!

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