‘Zombie Panic in Wonderland’ game coming soon.


I know there’s been a lot more video game coverage this week than usual (thanks to E3, of course) but don’t get used to it.  I hardly have time to play video games these days, what with all of this TV- and movie-watching I’m doing.  It’s hard to keep up with all forms of media.

Anyway, obviously the big zombie-centric news to come out of E3 has been the release of the Left 4 Dead 2 trailer and the trailer for Dead Rising 2, which wasn’t exactly released at E3 (Capcom, to my knowledge, isn’t appearing at the Expo) but conveniently found its way online yesterday.

But there’s another zombie game that’s kind of flown under the radar, mostly because it’s from a developer that nobody’s ever heard of, and probably also because it’s for the Wii, which I’m not sure that anyone gives a crap about anymore.  But whatever, here’s the press release in its (short) entirety:

Up and running since November of 2008 and only seven months old, the video game creator Akaoni Studios is undergoing its first project.

“Zombie Panic in Wonderland” will be available for Wii Ware during the last term of this year and its creators assure it to be a frantic action game with great amounts of humor too macabre for Nintendo to handle.

“Humor too macabre for Nintendo to handle”?  What the eff does that mean?  This is, in fact, on Nintendo, so I’m not sure that it makes any sense at all.  Maybe something was lost in translation.

Eh, this game’s probably gonna suck.

[via WiiBlog]

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