Short Cuts

lego2Hey, it’s a Lego zombie apocalypse!  (More pics at Zombies & Toys.)

I remember when Weekly World News still existed in print form and I used to read great articles like this one while standing in line at the grocery store.  I guess the fact that I never bought the things helped to contribute to their physical down fall.

Arbogast on Film (one of the best film writers on the ‘net period, who just happens to be a big horror fan) offers a great — and pretty accurate — review of George Romero’s Land of the Dead.

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IGN is offering a preview of the upcoming PSP game Undead Knights.  I’d explain the premise but I think the title pretty much sums it up.

This thing is effing terrifying.

I bought several of Glenn Jones’ t-shirt designs through Threadless and now he’s got his own online store, Glennz Tees.  You kind of have to be a total nerd (guilty!) to think that a lot of his shirts are funny (note: they are hilarious) but pretty much anyone can get a kick out of his zombie-themed T, Eternal Exercise.

This is appropriately titled “Zombies” and is by an amazing illustrator named Daniel Park:

Zombies by Daniel Park

Zombie Targets claims to be “the only target that can eat your brain!” I’m not sure if that’s very accurate, but for $2.50 apiece, I’m willing to find out.  [via Scott Kenemore]

If I had any idea how to cross-stitch, I would totally make this.

So as we’ve stated before, the Norwegian zombie Nazi flick Dead Snow is soon to be released via IFC In Theaters.  Good news, right?  Well, if you live in New York or L.A. it is.  Fangoria has the details on the release plans for the movie, and while it will be released in its original language when it hits theaters in those two cities, the rest of us are going to be subjected to the dubbed version if we decide to watch it on IFC On Demand.  The hell?  I’ll wait ’til DVD, thanks.

Boing Boing gives you a glimpse at some custom-made My Little Zombie Ponies.

And finally, here’s a video from German band Die Ärzte.  The song, from what I can gather, is called “Junge” (but since I know jack shit about German, I could be totally wrong).  I have no idea what the song is about but the video is pretty kick-ass.  This was suggested to us via Twitter by @veganinberlin.

Oh wait, you’re not following us on Twitter?  What are you waiting for?

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