New pics from ‘Zombieland’

So you’ve heard of Zombieland, right?  Oh you remember.  It’s the one that Woody Harrelson blamed for his mistaking a paparazzi for a zombie, remember?  Well, the movie is set for release in October, and the hype machine is now officially up-and-running now that some exclusive pics from the film have been released.

Ain’t It Cool News has nabbed four exclusive shots depicting Harrelson as a pretty badass looking zombie killer, along with co-stars Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and that Little Miss Sunshine kid.

Oh, and zombies.


This is one of my favorites (it features Woody Harrelson about use a baseball to knock the block off of zombie, and it’s kind of hard to go wrong with that scenario) but if you click on through, you’ll find this and three others in super-hi res.

Hopefully we’ll have a trailer for the movie soon, but until then, these pics will have to do.  And if they’re not enough to get you excited, then maybe the news that Bill Murray is playing a zombie in the movie will.

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