Old news: Call of Duty features zombie mode?

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I guess I’m a little slow.  While I do play video games, I’m not what you’d call a video game geek per se (although the life-sized Master Chief head sitting two feet to my right might fool you), but I think I keep pretty up-to-date on things.  Which is why I’m ashamed to admit that I’d missed the fact that Call of Duty: World At War (which was released last November) features a friggin’ zombie mode in one of its DLC map packs.

Apparently, there’s been a new map pack released and the zombie mode has been updated with an all new custom map called Shi No Numa.  So there.  At least everything you’ve read in this post isn’t old news.

[trailer via PWN or DIE]

One Response to “Old news: Call of Duty features zombie mode?”

  1. hunterchad Says:

    Hi all, I played Call of Duty: World at War and it’s a great game. High action, fast paced and a storyline that pulls the player in. The zombie map is really good as well. It puts your player (and up to three other players) in a farmhouse that you’ve managed to get to after crashing your WWII flyer. The zombies start out slow and in small numbers, growing in ferocity and numbers with every wave. You cannot win as each wave keeps them coming, and coming and coming!

    You gain money for better weapons with good shots (e.g. to the head) and must spend money to gain access to better secured rooms in the old farm. Play it, it’s worth it. What’s better than fighting Nazi’s that are Zombies? It’s like two birds with one headshot!

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