Short Cuts

lego01-2See that zombie Lego guy over there?  It’s from DYZPLASTIC and it’s a lot bigger than you think.

The latest article from Stacie Ponder (of Final Girl fame) is up over at AMC and it gives you a breakdown on all the different types of zombies you might encounter, should you, um, actually encounter some zombies.  Read it.  Stacie’s hilarious and way better at this writing thing than I am.

Speaking of bloggers who are better than me, The Vault of Horror’s B-Sol has written another retro review of a zombie movie, this time of Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive (aka Braindead), which is pretty much my favorite zombie movie of all time.

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While I was delving into the archives over at Day of the Woman, I found this article (from way back in April) about BJ-C’s Top Zombie Women.  More recently, BJ-C had a chance to sit down with Amber Steele, the, uh, brains behind Living Dead Girlz.

You’ve still got time to enter the contest over at The Zed Word to win an autographed copy of the new graphic novel Jesus Hates Zombies!

This painting is from artist Colin Kirkpatrick and is from a series called “Zombie hipsters, doing hipster things”:


This year’s World Zombie Day in Pittsburgh has been announced for October 11, 2009.  The walk will take place at the Monroeville Mall (yeah, you know the one) with all proceeds benefitting the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Recently, I mentioned that the upcoming British zombie film I Spit On Your Rave was attempting a world record for “most zombies ever caught on film.”  Well, if you’re anywhere near Seattle on July 3rd, you can participate in the “Red, White and Dead” zombie weekend where you can be a part of a world record attempt as well.  They’re trying to gather 5,000 (!!) zombies for a zombie walk that evening, after which you get to watch Shaun of the Dead.

Here’s the opening for a potential web series called Zombie, OH, courtesy of Zombie Command:

Have you seen that trailer for Zombieland yet?  You haven’t?  Go watch it.  Go on, I’ll wait… Okay, wasn’t that awesome?  Now go over the AICN and read Quint’s interview with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer.

2 Responses to “Short Cuts”

  1. Justin, you give me too much credit, sir! But I love it! And for the record, that Zombieland trailer is currently rocking my world.

  2. Being from Pittsburgh and attending these Zombiefests on a regular basis, I have to say I’m ridiculously excited once again.

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