The Sick or the Dead? Which do you prefer?

They started out as supernatural nightmares, rising, shambling from graves to do a master’s bidding.  Then zombies moved onto scientific origins, corpses reanimating because of toxic waste or radiation.  Now, the undead are losing their undead-ness and being shoved aside for infected masses, not so much reanimated corpses as they are the savage majority.

Why is the zombie population shifting from the graveyard to the lab?  The two sides are represented everywhere – “Night of the Living Dead” vs. “28 Days,” “The Laughing Corpse” vs. “I am Legend” and “Resident Evil” vs. “Left 4 Dead.”  Which do you prefer – actual dead corpses back up and on the prowl or your next-door-neighbor gone a little crazy?

3 Responses to “The Sick or the Dead? Which do you prefer?”

  1. Always been more of a walking dead person than a big fan of the infected hordes. For one thing there is a little bit more stress and concern in the unexplainable rise of the undead. With an infection or some such there is that hope for a possibly cure or immunization, where as the unknown reason for which the dead come back to life, the only real solution is to keep on fighting and trying to survive.

    I suppose both have their ups and downs. But I prefer my zombies undead from unknown origin.

  2. hunterchad Says:

    I agree, Nathaniel. And I like my zombies slow and moaning! I think the new trend in infection is Hollywood and modern entertainment’s way of trying to bring the horror that much closer to “real life.” But some of us, the Purists!, we need are zombies dead and undead!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. AGREED! I want walking, moaning, rotting, CORPSES!!!

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